Who distributes Clockaudio microphones in the UK?

Tukans has been distributing the products of British microphone manufacturer, Clockaudio in the UK since 2008.

Where can I buy Clockaudio microphones?

The long standing partnership with Tukans means that audio visual system integrators can buy Clockaudio microphones from a specialist distributor that understands the needs of the AV channel.

Who stocks Clockaudio microphones in the UK?

Tukans stocks popular models of Clockaudio microphones and accessories in our East Kilbride, UK distribution centre.

Can I have my Clockaudio microphones customised?

Tukans longstanding partnership with Clockaudio means that we are uniquely placed to deal with your customisation requests. Popular customisations of Clockaudio microphones include special paint finishes to fit in with furniture in boardrooms.

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