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Clockaudio retractable microphone distributed by Tukans
ClockAudio CUI-2 USB Interface
Clockaudio TIM-1000 ceiling microphone


Tukans is the UK and Ireland distributor of Clockaudio microphones. Our technical sales team are at your disposal to help you specify the correct Clockaudio microphone for your AV installaton.

Clockaudio was established in 1994, by a team of audio specialists with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative pro-audio products. The company’s reputation has been established on sound principles, its dedication to quality, service and innovation.

Consultants and contractors alike, help to drive Clockaudio’s product development process, resulting in innovative products that offer real life audio solutions. The ability to customise is just one of the many factors which makes Clockaudio clearly different.

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With the CUI-2 USB Interface, you can now maintain the highest degree of sound integrity while configuring your own microphone solution, customised to specifically suit your work environment, wherever that may be. Integrate any of ClockAudio's boundary or gooseneck microphones into the CUI-2 USB Interface, and bridge them to your PC for crisp, clear audio in your video conferences.

A small form factor device, the CUI-2 is designed to be mounted beneath a table/desk and can take connection from up to 2 boundary or gooseneck ClockAudio mics. The USB output on the CUI-2 allows for plug and play connection to a PC or laptop, providing direct high-quality audio to your conferencing software. Pair your chosen microphones with a touch switch, due to the CUI-2 featuring a RJ-45 port for ClockAudio's TS devices. The touch switch can be used to easily indicate whether your mic is live or muted.

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ClockAudio CUI-2 USB Interface

CDT 100

The ClockAudio Dante Transporter is an advanced Dante communication product which combines audio and control transport using the network based Dante protocol. By taking advantage of the advanced Dante technology and based on the high performance and pre-configurable hardware platform, this product transfers audio and control signals via Ethernet and can guarantee perfect sound quality.

The CDT 100 has a variety of uses including but not limited to boardrooms, conference rooms, video conference rooms and any place where multiple table microphones and control device are connected back to the AV equipment cabinet.

Featuring 4 audio inputs, 1 CDT 100 can input up to 4 of ClockAudio's boundary, gooseneck or ceiling microphones. For use in larger conference rooms, up to 6 units can be daisy chained together, extending the number of microphones you can connect.

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ClockAudio CDT 100