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Clockaudio Ceiling Microphones

Ceiling microphones are an important part of the audio integrators toolkit and Clockaudio make some of the best.

Clockaudio was established in 1994, by a team of audio specialists with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative pro-audio products. The company’s reputation has been established on sound principles, its dedication to quality, service and innovation.

Consultants and contractors alike, help to drive Clockaudio’s product development process resulting, in innovative products that offer real life audio solutions. The ability to customise is just one of the many factors which makes Clockaudio clearly different.

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Clockaudio's latest and greatest addition to the portfolio. The Tracking Intelligent Microphone is breaking the mould for ceiling microphones with its discrete, flush mount design, unmatched audio tracking abilities and easy setup and installation. The set-up is made easy due to Clockudio's intuitive web GUI, which allows you to adjust the microphones settings and optimise it based on the room.

Cover up to a 9x9 metre space using a single TIM ceiling microphone array, due to its wide coverage and 360-degree audio pickup. These features also make the Clockaudio TIM-1000 the perfect audio solution for multi-configuration rooms that alternate layouts regularly.

Seamless integration into any Dante network and third party controllers, makes TIM-1000 installation incredibly easy as all traditional audio cables are replaced with cheap CAT cabling. All of this makes this Dante ceiling microphone an ideal solution for classrooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms and more.

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Clockaudio TIM-1000 Tracking Ceiling Microphone with Dante

C 303-RF

Tri-element array hanging ceiling microphones with 360-degree coverage, the Clockaudio C 303-RF is designed for unobtrusive all round high-quality pickup in boardrooms, conferencing, court rooms and more.

Designed in the common 'golf ball' / teardrop style, the C 303-RF contains 3 high sensitivity cardioid microphone capsules for exceptional pickup and is fitted with an RJ45 out for fast connection to a DSP or mixer. These ceiling microphone arrays are also supplied with a 2.5M cable terminating in a Mini XLR connector, for use in rooms with high ceilings.

Available in both Black and White.

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C 303-RF Ceiling Microphones

C 303-D

The Dante model of the Clockaudio C 303 ceiling microphone embodies the same feature set as the C 303-RF, however; its also offers the many benefits of Dante. Designed again for unobtrusive all round high-quality pickup, the C 303 Dante microphone array reduces installation time and costs due to it requiring only a single category cable for power, data and control.

In rooms/buildings already utilising a network, integrating the C 303-D's is no hassle, as all you'll need are spare ports in your switch. The Clockaudio C 303-D is compatible with all other Dante-enabled equipment, allowing you to pair it with a DSP of your choice and incorporate other Dante devices.

Available in both Black and White.

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Clockaudio C 303-D Pendant Ceiling Microphones with Dante


Clockaudio's C 3 series are semi-rigid gooseneck cardioid condenser ceiling microphones with a short flexible shaft and knuckle joint. Designed specifically for speech applications, the C 3 Series has an unobtrusive slimline design and is response optimised for a consistent sound quality.

  • C 3S-RF-CP
  • C 8S-RF-CP
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Clockaudio C Series Ceiling hanging gooseneck Microphones