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ClockAudio CUI-2 USB Interface
Clockaudio TIM-1000 ceiling microphone


Tukans is the UK and Ireland distributor of Clockaudio microphones. Our technical sales team are at your disposal to help you specify the correct Clockaudio microphone for your AV installaton.

Clockaudio was established in 1994, by a team of audio specialists with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative pro-audio products. The company’s reputation has been established on sound principles, its dedication to quality, service and innovation.

Consultants and contractors alike, help to drive Clockaudio’s product development process, resulting in innovative products that offer real life audio solutions. The ability to customise is just one of the many factors which makes Clockaudio clearly different.

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For rooms with limited table space and plenty of head room, ceiling microphones provide an excellent audio solution. Typically used in video conferencing and presentation environments like meeting rooms, boardrooms and teaching spaces, ceiling microphones like the ClockAudio C 303 and TIM-1000 allow users to freely speak into the room, without the worry of not being heard.

Whether it be a 'golf ball' shaped cardioid microphone, a shotgun omnidirectional microphone or a flush mounted voice tracking microphone, Clockaudio can offer a solution to take your audio off the table.

  • C 303-RF
  • TIM-1000
  • C 3SE-RF Series
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C 303W-RF


Through table, table top, retracting, omnidirectional, cardioid...Clockaudio offer an extensive range of Boundary Layer Microphones, perfect for a whole host of applications. Each of ClockAudio's boundary microphones can be partnered with (or come with one built-in) an RGB Touch Switch that can provide clear indication of a microphones status. As the name suggests, when touched your microphone will either be muted or unmuted and this will be displayed with a red or green light.

A unique feature to a group of Clockaudio's boundary microphones is their ability to retract in and out of the surface. This features allows users to hide microphones when they aren't in use, preventing damage and also, if paired with a touch switch, to show which microphones are muted.

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Boundary Microphones


Used predominantly in boardrooms, court rooms and commercial applications, the universally recognised Gooseneck microphone is designed for speech purposes due to its pickup quality and flexibility.

Clockaudio have developed a range of Gooseneck microphones from your standard condenser goosenecks, to dynamic goosenecks and also Halo goosenecks, which have a high brightness Halo ring around the head of the microphone.

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Gooseneck Microphones


Use motorised ceiling microphones in boardrooms, conferencing and court rooms to hide the microphones away when they are not in use. Clockaudio offer the C3 Series Shotgun Microphone and C 303 Ceiling Microphone as options with the motorised systems.

Clockaudio's motorised microphones are designed with a Master and Slave Unit, which allows up to 99 Slave Units to be daisy chained to the Master for coverage of large spaces.

  • CCRM 4000
  • CCRM 4000 / C 303-RF
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Motorised Microphones


ClockAudio manufacture a Dante Transporter, CDT-100, for bridging ClockAudio's boundary, gooseneck and ceiling microphones into a Dante system. Connect up to 4 microphones to 1 CDT-100 (daisy-chain up to 6 units together), and run your audio over cheap, easy-to-install CAT6 to the DSP. 4 RJ45 Touch Switch ports are available on the CDT-100 for pairing each of your microphones to one of ClockAudio's Touch Switch devices.

For bridging individual ClockAudio microphones to your PC in home offices, studies, meeting tooms or places of worship, you can use its USB Interface, CUI-2. Connect up to 3 of Clock's boundary or gooseneck microphones to 1 CUI-2 Interface, and use the USB output to bridge them into your UC soft clients. Like the CDT-100, users can connect a Touch Switch to the CUI-2 for clear indication of the microphones status.

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ClockAudio CUI-2