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SpinetiX Brings Internal Communication at Production Site

AGCO, a leading global manufacturer, and supplier of agricultural solutions, chose the SpinetiX Complete Digital Signage Solution for its largest production site in Europe where Massey Ferguson tractors are manufactured. The SpinetiX digital signage solution installed was chosen for its intuitiveness and scalability, its ability to easily broadcast information to all employees as well as its flexibility to manage and distribute content centrally across multiple screens without requiring manual updates.

The new installation established itself as the communication platform of choice for transmitting information to more than 1,300 employees, spread across 3 internal areas in a simple and efficient manner. The benefits are evident in particular for production-line teams who do not otherwise have access to communication tools when at work such as laptops or company-supplied phones. The solution offered by SpinetiX answered all the end customer’s challenges which includes:

  • To help develop a new multi-site internal communication channel.
  • To optimise an existing network of displays.
  • To centralise content management with automated and live updates.
  • To allow for minimum investment during future system expansions.

To meet the requirements of the project, the AGCO group relied on the expertise and support of the SpinetiX team, who advocate for their complete digital signage solution. The solution includes the cloud-based digital signage platform called ARYA Enterprise, combined with SpinetiX HMP300 media players.

The SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise cloud platform allows one or more users to create an distribute content in a simple and efficient way on any display part of the installation. 25 SpinetiX HMP300 players were installed across three sites to distribute information from the head office to employees via SpinetiX ARYA. The displays of varying brands and types are located at a number of workspaces and, in particular, at the remote production line site which is located far from the management office building.

Employees particularly appreciate this new communication channel, served by the Spinetix digital signage solution, as it provides them with a flow of information in real-time. Communication is now more fluid between employees of different departments despite the distance between sites, and this has helped to strengthen the feeling of cohesion and team spirit. The locations where the screens are installed allow employees to have access not only to information, but also to meet and discuss together.


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