Justworks Mira Connect

Justworks Simplifies A/V Control with Mira Connect

Justworks, a rapidly growing HR technology company providing access to corporate-level benefits, payroll, compliance and HR support to the small business community, recently relocated their headquarters to a larger, 100,000-square-foot office space in downtown Manhattan and hired New York-based systems integrator, Colortone Audio Visual, as their A/V design and integration firm. Colortone tailored A/V solutions for 25 rooms, including on-premise cafes, large and medium conference rooms, and large and small training rooms.

To control the A/V equipment in these rooms, Colortone selected Mira Connect control appliances from Aveo Systems, specialists in easy-to-use control products for A/V and collaboration systems. Twenty-two (22) Mira Connect Classic tabletop units were to be used, as well as three (3) Mira Connect 10 touch panels with backboxes for in-wall installation.

Mira Connect was used to provide control for initiating and managing Zoom Rooms PC conferences; video content selection via Kramer VS-44H2A video switchers, and other essential A/V equipment in the rooms, including QSC DSP processors. Mira Connect was an ideal solution for these spaces as it scales seamlessly from the smallest to the larger rooms, whilst providing a consistent user experience in all environments.

Just as the installation was about to commence, COVID-19 struck New York City particularly hard, and the subsequent lockdown delayed the project until the installers were allowed access to the customer’s site. A growing concern about touching shared surfaces triggered Aveo Systems designers to contemplate additional control options for Mira Connect users.

“As COVID-19 began making headlines, we started thinking how we could provide more flexibility for users and make conference rooms safer when our customers came back to their offices,” says Craig Richardson, CEO of Aveo Systems. “We discussed several concepts with Colortone for implementing touchless control to see what would be of interest to their client.”

Concurrently, Colortone continued their project implementation planning and discussed desired post-shutdown changes with Justworks. “Very prominent on the customer’s minds was the need for employee health and safety once they returned to work,” says Colortone VP of Sales, Steven Grosskopf. “When we shared Aveo’s plans for touchless control for Mira Connect, they enthusiastically embraced this concept.”

Aveo Systems’ Richardson further states, “By leveraging our existing Mira Connect remote control browser-based solution for help desks, we were able to create a user-centered, browser-based solution for participants in the room. With our Mira Connect Me solution, users now can simply control their system from anywhere in the room using their own personal devices – also referred to as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device – without having to touch the room controller.”

Colortone completed the project in September 2020, and Justworks implemented their internal safety protocols to best support their staff for a safe return to the new headquarters. Using the Mira Connect Me touchless control feature is a part of this protocol. “It is clear that video conferencing will continue to play an integral role in how businesses operate,” Sylvester said. “Justworks’ Zoom Rooms with their new Mira Connect controllers put us on the cutting edge of this technology and ensure that the end-user has a simple, seamless and safe experience when joining a meeting.”


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