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Tukans is the UK and Ireland distributor of Vaddio cameras, audio systems, AV Bridges and more. Our technical sales team are at your disposal to help you specify the correct Vaddio products for your AV installation.

Vaddio, a brand of Legrand AV, designs and manufacturers speciality PTZ cameras and professional AV solutions for the broadcast, audio visual and conferencing markets. Innovation is a key philosophy for Vaddio and this is shown through its broad range of products, from cameras, to audio, to AV to USB bridges, switchers and much more.

It strive to produce both easy-to-use and easy to install products, designed with the AV integrator and end user in mind. Founded in 2003, Vaddio have grown and developed into a leader in the audiovisual and camera industry.

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The RoboSHOT range is the largest and most popular range of PTZ Vaddio cameras. With 12x and 30x optical zoom models, in addition to UHD and 4K, the RoboSHOT range is able to cover a broad scale of broadcasting and audiovisual applications.

Each of the RoboSHOT 12 and RoboSHOT 30 cameras are available in various models, each appealing to different scenarios. Both the RoboSHOT 12 and 30 are available with USB, HDMI, SDI, HDBT, NDI and IP outputs, in various formats.

All of the RoboSHOT cameras are PoE+, removing the need to use power supplies, which can be tricky to install. You can partner any of the RoboSHOT cameras with Vaddio's automated tracking system, RoboTRAK, and create a system with the perfect optical zoom and video outputs for your installation.

If you're looking at using two RoboSHOT cameras in a room installation, why not look at pairing them with one of the Vaddio AV Bridge 2x1 systems for seamlessly recording, streaming and switching?

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Vaddio Cameras


Vaddio's IntelliSHOT motion tracking camera is the only industry solution that allows AV integrators to adjust the framing for speed, sensitivity and image size, delivering the most precise and reliable auto-framing experience. IntelliSHOT is an ePTZ camera designed to be mounted above/below a display, on a wall or even from a ceiling for accurately following a presenter or fitting all meeting room participants perfectly in shot.

Two beamforming microphones are built into the IntelliSHOT making it a great choice for simplifying audio endpoints, plus a balanced audio I/O allows for simple integration with 3rd party audio systems. Additionally, IntelliSHOT has AEC for simplified video conferencing when using the built-in microphones.

With simultaneous HDMI, USB 3.0 and IP connections, the IntelliSHOT can be mounted in the back of a room or above/below a display and connect to your PC for conferencing, a confidence display and to a streaming platform such as YouTube or Panopto. Like other Vaddio USB products, IntelliSHOT is truly plug-and-play without special drivers to download.

A 30x optical zoom and 70.2-degree field of view means the IntelliSHOT can be used in a wide array of applications, from lecture theatres, to presentation spaces, boardrooms, meeting rooms and classrooms.

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Vaddio IntelliSHOT


The ConferenceSHOT is Vaddio's main range of USB cameras. Designed specifically for use in huddle rooms and medium-sized meeting spaces, it is available in 3 variations: the ConferenceSHOT FX, a fixed lens camera, the ConferenceSHOT 10, a PTZ camera with 10x optical zoom and the ConferenceSHOT AV, which you can partner up with a speaker and two Vaddio microphones.

Each of the Vaddio ConferenceSHOT cameras support an Ethernet connection, with the FX and 10 offering simultaneous IP streaming and the AV supporting PoE+. Available in both Black and White, these cameras are an ideal solution for your high-end video conferencing applications.

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Vaddio ConferenceSHOT 10


Combining video and audio to create an all-in-one solution with a singular USB output, is highly sort after in huddle rooms using video conferencing software. Vaddio recognised this an in turn, brought to market the HuddleSHOT, an all-in-one conferencing camera with integrated AEC microphones and speakers.

Easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to use, the HuddleSHOT is designed for users who need meetings to consistently start on time, without any hiccups. Using Vaddio's intuitive browser-based user interface, it is simple to manage HuddleSHOT cameras across multiple sites for easy enterprise deployments.

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Vaddio HuddleSHOT


Enclosed within its recessed ceiling mounting case, the RoboFLIP 30 HDBT in-ceiling HD PTZ camera is ideal for capturing events or videoconferencing where being aware of active video status is of critical importance. With its unique "flipping" design and Vaddio's industry-leading Tri-Synchronous Motion technology, the camera silently rotates, providing ultra-smooth, simultaneous pan, tilt and zoom functions for natural camera motion.

The camera's HDBaseT output allows for flexible installation options - power with a PoE++ network switch or mid-span power injector for an IP streaming configuration, or connect to an HDBT switch or OneLINK extension system for a variety of video outputs, including: USB 3.0, HDMI, SDI and IP. The RoboFLIP camera can be controlled in whatever way you want it to, be it via a touch panel, Telnet, RS-232, an IR remote or a web-based user interface.

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Vaddio RoboFLIP


In educational environments where an overhead camera is needed to view what the teacher is performing, the DocCAM is perfect. The high-definition, recessed in-ceiling camera features a 20x optical zoom, so users can get a close up of what their teachers are doing.

The DocCAM has an easy, single cable installation which connects to a Vaddio OneLINK system, allowing you to then decide what outputs you're wanting, be it USB, HDMI or IP. As well as being used for educational applications, the DocCAM can also be used in video conferencing rooms, council chambers, court rooms and operating theatres.

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Vaddio DocCam


When you're working with video and cameras, accessories are typically always needed. Whether it be a USB 3.0 extender, an extra power supply, a HDMI extension cable or a camera wall bracket. Vaddio can supply for it all.

Its USB 3.0 extenders range from either a type A to B cable to CAT 6 extenders for extension up to 100m, whilst they also have an extensive list of wall and ceiling mount/brackets for OEM and Vaddio cameras.

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Vaddio USB 3.0 Extender