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Tukans is the UK and Ireland distributor of Vaddio cameras, audio systems, AV Bridges and more. Our technical sales team are at your disposal to help you specify the correct Vaddio products for your AV installation.

Vaddio, a brand of Legrand AV, designs and manufacturers speciality PTZ cameras and professional AV solutions for the broadcast, audio visual and conferencing markets. Innovation is a key philosophy for Vaddio and this is shown through its broad range of products, from cameras, to audio, to AV to USB bridges, switchers and much more.

It strives to produce both easy-to-use and easy to install products, designed with the AV integrator and end user in mind. Founded in 2003, Vaddio have grown and developed into a leader in the audiovisual and camera industry.

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Vaddio manufacture a vast range of feature-rich Fixed, PTZ and All-In-One cameras, designed to provide a solution for all video conferencing, broadcasting and audiovisual applications. Its portfolio of top-of-the-range cameras have been developed from the ground-up by Vaddio's experts, covering applications for huddle rooms, education, streaming, healthcare and much more.

Vaddio's range of RoboSHOT cameras cover pretty much everything from simple video conferencing, all the way up to 4K UHD broadcast, whilst the Vaddio ConferenceSHOT camera and bundles provide excellent USB options for Zoom and Microsoft Team setups.

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Vaddio RoboSHOT Cameras


The EasyIP Ecosystem is an AV-over-IP conferencing system in a box. It delivers professional-quality conference feeds for UC soft clients, and simplifies the BYOD conferencing experience by moving video conferencing onto the network.

This networked videoconferencing system allows you to use up to four PTZ cameras in your meeting room, without needing a video switch. This system also removes expensive and tricky to install USB extension cables/systems, as all power, data and control is transmitted over CAT.

The system currently comprises of the EasyIP PTZ Cameras, EasyIP Decoder and Mixer, Dante Ceiling and Table microphones and a Luxul AMS-1208P Switch.

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Vaddio EasyIP Ecosystem


Install and integrate your rooms audio with ease, using Vaddio's EasyUSB and microphone devices. It has recently developed both its Table and Ceiling Microphones, improving their pickup quality and aesthetics, to provide users with easy to install audio.

Its audio is simple to install, due to it utilising CAT cabling for transportation of the data. Users can connect their audio direct to their video conferencing clients using the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp, which mixes the audio from the microphones and distributes it to your PC.

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Vaddio Audio


In this new era of plug-and-play video conferencing, everything has to be USB and be able to connect direct to your PC. For people who want to get involved in the VC software world, but already have a functioning conferencing setup, one of Vaddio's AV to USB Bridges is what you need.

As you can tell from the name, the Vaddio AV Bridge family provides you with the digital USB gateway to allow the integration of PRO audio and video equipment into any PC software application. Some even go one better and offer simultaneous USB and IP streaming!

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AV Bridge Mini


In environments which contain multiple cameras, for example: houses of worship, broadcasting and lecture capture, having a singular device which can control every camera with ease is necessary.

Products like the Vaddio ProductionVIEW and Premier Camera Controller, allow you to easily switch from camera to camera, pan/tilt/zoom the camera using a joystick, select between presets and much more.

Take a look at some of the Vaddio case studies, as they have plenty of examples of its controllers installed in these environments.

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Vaddio PCC Premier


When you're working with audio and video, accessories are typically always needed. Whether it be a USB 3.0 extender, an extra power supply, a HDMI extension cable or a camera wall bracket, Vaddio can supply for it all.

Its USB 3.0 extenders range from either a type A to B cable to CAT 6 extenders for extension up to 100m, whilst they also have an extensive list of wall and ceiling mount/brackets for Vaddio and OEM cameras.

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Vaddio USB 3.0 Extender