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Skaarhoj is a manufacture of universal broadcast control panels for live production, including RCPs for camera control, PTZ robotic camera controllers, vision mixing surfaces, router control panels, along with a number of auxiliary products. Its mission is to ease the use of broadcast hardware for people making live video.

For more than 7 years, Skaarhoj has worked its way to the international elite of broadcast control solutions. Its universal broadcast controllers give content producers an incredibly flexible hardware platform for their every changing control needs.

Skaarhoj controllers appeal both to system integrators and broadcast engineers with a high interest in the core flexibility of the products, while at the same time, mass market end-users can enjoy its controllers as off-the-shelf commodities that work out of the box.

Tukans distribute Skaarhoj products in the UK, shipping from our UK distribution centre.

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PTZ Control

Bring smooth and precise control to your PTZ cameras with one of the Skaarhoj PTZ camera controllers. All its controllers connect over PoE, meaning distance between your camera(s) and controller isn't limited. 4 camera controller models are available from Skaarhoj, each offering a variety of features to help you decide which suit your installation best.

Each of the Skaarhoj PTZ controllers are equipped with a joystick controller of some kind, programmable four-way buttons and backlit encoders that can be configured with settings that suit you, camera preset selection, live camera switching and so much more.

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Skaarhoj PTZ Pro

Camera Shading

Skaarhoj manufacture cutting-edge remote control panels, that bring you innovative iris control and encoders for adjusting colour shades. In live production environments that utilise multiple PTZ or robotic cameras, producers will want to fade specific cameras in and out during production, whilst also managing colour levels to accommodate different lighting.

Skaarhoj produce two camera shading panels, the RCPv2 and Color Fly. The RCPv2 is specifically designed for single camera control due to its analog iris fader, whereas the Color Fly can control up to 12 cameras from one compact panel. Both devices are riddles with Skaarhojs unique programmable four-way buttons and backlit RGB encoders, which can be customised to control the settings and sources you desire.

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Skaarhoj Color Fly

Live Switching Panels

Transition and switch seamlessly between multiple video sources with one of Skaarhoj's live switching panels. Whether you're wanting to switch between 2 or 20 robotic IP cameras, Skaarhoj will have a panel for you. Each of its live switching panels feature a fader for smooth transition between sources, programmable four-way buttons for flicking through sources and settings, a Shift key for toggling between a second set of cameras and its UniSketch OS.

For users wanting a panel with combined PTZ and live switching capabilities, the Rack Fusion Live is made up of its Live Fly switcher and PTZ Fly camera controller, which fits a 3-axis joystick, transition and automatic fader, many programmable four-way buttons, backlit encoders and more into one compact panel.

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Skaarhoj Air Fly

UniSketch OS

UniSketch OS can be found on all of Skaarhoj's broadcast control panels, and unique to the brand. UniSketch connects a button press with a command sent to any of the supported broadcast devices, simply speaking. You can typically operate 8 devices simultaneously and UniSketch binds it all together into a seamless and user friendly experience. You won't find a more impressive engine for integrated control in a standalone controller surface.

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Skaarhoj UniSketch OS

Four-Way Buttons

Another unique feature to Skaarhoj's broadcast control panels, Four-Way Buttons. Custom moulded tactile elastomer buttons, that detect whether a button is pressed on the left, right, lower or upper edge. This allows the button to adjust values up and down like an encoder when pressing opposing edges. It could even work as a simple joystick, or it can just be a button. Innovative, insanely flexible and perfect for a universal controller.

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Skaarhoj Four-Way Buttons