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Founded in 2004, Phoenix Audio Technologies are an innovator of audio communication solutions, who believe high quality audio should be easy to install and simple to use. You shouldn’t need to be an AV or IT expert to understand how to integrate or use its products, as it works under the premises that good audio solutions should be complicated on the inside, so they can be flexible and simple on the outside.

All of Phoenix Audio’s products have USB connectivity to be used with PC based conferencing solutions such as Zoom and Teams, plus with no drivers needed, all devices are plug-and-play and ready to go. Phoenix offers a full range of audio solutions; from the Duet, a personal speakerphone ideal for home office workers, to the Stingray, a DSP device that is an easy installation solution for integrated rooms and flexible large spaces.

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A beamforming microphone array with a built-in DSP, designed to provide a clutter-free solution due to its wall mounting ability and minimal cabling. The Condor from Phoenix Audio is made up of 15 individual microphones, which deploy short and long range 'beams' in order to clearly pickup anyone within 10M of the device.

The Condor is jam packed with technology such as Noise Cancelling, Echo Cancellation, Gain Control and De-Reverberation, to guarantee users receive the best quality audio. In addition to the USB connection, you can also bridge two calls from different interfaces with the Condor due to it having Analog and SIP.

Power the Condor either via USB or Ethernet to remove the need to use a separate power supply

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Condor Microphone Array


A table-top/ceiling mountable* beamforming speakerphone, made up of 4 individual microphones. The Spider is an ideal audio solution for your video conferencing setup due to its USB, plug-and-play installation and exceptional pickup quality.

The Spider can be daisy chained up to 14 units over CAT cabling, allowing for excellent audio coverage over a large space. Power daisy chaining means that multiple units connected together can be powered using one power source, again simplifying the install further.

There are 3 variants of the Spider available, all featuring a USB connection with one utilising SIP, another with Analog and the other PSTN. The Spider, like the Condor, is full of embedded technology such as Noise Cancelling, Echo Cancellation, Gain Control and more.

*Only the Smart Spider can be ceiling mounted.

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Spider Speakerphones


Remove the hassle of long programming hours and costs of trained programmers by using the Stingray DSP, A minimal programming DSP that serves as an easy to install solution for integrated rooms. Through either the LED screen on the Stingray or Phoenix's intuitive GUI, anyone could have the Stingray up and running within 15 minutes of taking it out of the box.

The Stingray features eight channels (4 microphone and 4 line level), which can be easily extended to support up to 60 mic inputs, using the Phoenix proprietary daisy chain protocol. The Stingray is networkable and can be controlled using any device sitting on the same LAN, as well as supporting USB for direct connection to your video conferencing client.

The device is also equipped with four amplified speaker outputs, that can push four 8Q speakers with 15W of power. The Stingray, just like the other devices, is riddled with embedded technology, providing users with consistent high-quality audio.

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Stingray DSP