Luxul is the leading innovator for simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions. Mainly designed for use in the residential and commercial environments, Luxul offers a portfolio of solutions which allows for simple network design and deployment, resulting in a scalable network that is both powerful and easy to install.

With Luxul, integrators can deliver the ultimate IP network, without the difficulty associated with traditional networking gear. Combined with a product like Aavara, users can run all their network cables from the sender and receivers to one Luxul switch, simplifying the installation and keeping all of the cables easily manageable.

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AV Series

The Luxul AV-Series Gigabit Managed Switches feature rear panel ports and front facing LEDs (user selectable blue/green colours) for clean integration with AV rack systems. It is an excellent choice for expanding your network when using PoE-enabled devices such as VoIP, IP cameras and Wireless Access Points.

These PoE switches range from have 8 to 24 PoE+ ports and can handle a total power of 130W to 250W. For users needing a system that can intake more than 24 PoE devices, the AMS-4424P can be stacked up to 16 times offering up to 384 PoE+ ports. PoE Self-Healing with auto-recovery and power scheduling is featured across all of the AV Series switches, providing automatic rebooting of PoE-connected devices and scheduled power on or off.

  • AMS-1208P - 12-Port / 8 PoE+
  • AMS-1816P - 18-Port / 16 PoE+
  • AMS-2624P - 26-Port / 24 PoE+
  • AMS-4424P - 26-Port / 24 PoE+ Stackable
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Luxul PoE Switches


Getting to the rear of a PoE switch to connect ethernet cables can be difficult in some installations, but because Luxuls XMS Series has its ports located on the front, this is no longer a problem. An excellent choice for expanding your network when using PoE devices, the XMS switches offer an easy-to-use solution for applications with tricky installation conditions.

With switches ranging from 8 to 48 PoE+ ports, there's a solution available for all application sizes. Plus, like the AMS-4424P, the XMS-7048P is a stackable managed switch that can be stacked up to 16 times, for massive network infrastructures. Each of the XMS switches also features Luxuls PoE Self-Healing for rebooting of PoE devices and automated power on / off.

  • XMS-1010P - 10-Port / 8 PoE+
  • XMS-1208P - 12-Port / 8 PoE+
  • XMS-2624P - 26-Port / 24 PoE+
  • XMS-7048P - 52-Port / 48 PoE+
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Luxul XMS Switches


Unlock the power of Self-Healing, with Luxuls new addition for a select number of switches. The two new Self-Healing upgrades which they have introduced to their switches are Auto-Recovery and Power Scheduling.

Auto-Recovery enables your switch to reboot PoE-connected devices when they fall offline or go unresponsive. You'll never get another call about devices freezing up, your switches will take care of them automatically.

Power-Scheduling triggers switches to power PoE-connected devices on or off, based on whatever schedule you create. Easily schedule devices to power down overnight, over the weekend or whenever you request.

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Luxul Self-Healing