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Aveo Systems was formed with the goal of simplifying how conferencing products are used, controlled and managed by organisations. The product it brought to the market to reach this goal is the Mira Connect.

A network-based table-top appliance, the Mira Connect requires minimal programming and has been designed with the integrator and end user in mind. The minimal programming aspect of the appliance is achieved due to the equipment already being pre-programmed into the software. Some of the products which are currently supported include: Biamp Tesira, Polycom SoundStructure, Cisco SZ10,20 and 80 plus much more!

The device comes with a user interface, which is automatically created for a consistent user experience, that adapts based on the equipment you add to the room.

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MIRA CONNECT 10 (With Tabletop Stand)

The Mira Connect 10 is Aveo's latest installment of their revolutionary control system, Mira Connect. The 10 is designed to make it easy for users to dial audio or video calls, join scheduled calls through calendar integration, adjust audio levels in the room, manage displays and cameras and a whole lot more.

The table-top stand version of the control system, allows for flexible mounting of the device on any table surface, with easy to adjust height or viewing angle of the touch screen. This flexibility opens up an avenue of mounting options and doesn't restrict the user to specific viewing angles.

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Mira Connect 10 Table Stand

MIRA CONNECT 10 (For Wall Mounting)

Another one of Mira Connects benefits is its ability to be mounted either on or in a wall, for applications where table mounting isn't an option. For mounting the device ON a wall, you can use any suitable 75 x 75mm VESA mount and for IN wall mounting, Aveo supply a In-Wall Backbox.

Paired up with control systems new 'Contactless' control, you can connect your personal device to the wall-mounted Mira Connect 10 and have full control of the rooms equipment. Again, the wall mounting version has the same extensive functionality, however; it allows it to be utilised in a more diverse range of applications.

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Mira Connect 10 On-Wall