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Aveo Systems was formed with the goal of simplifying how conferencing products are used, controlled and managed by organisations. The product it brought to the market to reach this goal is the Mira Connect.

A network-based table-top appliance, the Mira Connect requires minimal programming and has been designed with the integrator and end user in mind. The minimal programming aspect of the appliance is achieved due to the equipment already being pre-programmed into the software. Some of the products which are currently supported include: Biamp Tesira, Polycom SoundStructure, Cisco SZ10,20 and 80 plus much more!

Mira Connect comes with a user interface, which is automatically created for a consistent user experience, that adapts based on the equipment you add to the room.

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As mentioned above, Aveo Systems Mira Connect is a minimal programming control system, designed to simplify how conferencing products are managed and controlled. Mira Connect makes it easy for users to dial calls, join scheduled calls through calendar integration, adjust audio levels, mute microphones, manage displays and much more.

The user interface for Mira Connect is professionally designed and automatically generated based on the equipment you have added to the room. This firstly removes the need to create an interface and secondly, provides consistency if you have multiple Mira Connects set up across multiples rooms/sites.

Mira Connect works with Zoom Rooms so you can set-up and join your Zoom calls quickly and effectively. Mira Connect pulls through your Zoom directory and schedules meetings, so you can make calls through the device.

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Mira Connect is required to be connected to Aveo's cloud-based platform, Mira Portal, to be stet-up, add the rooms equipment, provide secure remote management and firmware updates. Once set-up is complete, connection to Mira Portal isn't necessary.

Mira Portal is a secure domain which can be accessed through your browser, removing the need for users to download any software and allowing for easy access across multiple locations.

The Mira Portal is available with two add-on service levels: Essentials and Enterprise. These licenses allow users to have remote control of the room, to receive notifications of room or equipment issues, integration with Office 365 and more.

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With Mira Connect ME, touchless AV control technology extends the Mira Connect control system, by allowing you to quickly and securely control your audio-visual system from your own personal smartphone, tablet and computer.

Connecting your BYOD to Mira Connect is easy, simply scan a QR code and once the code is recognised, your devices browser will open automatically and show the Mira Connect interface. Users will then have full control of the rooms equipment from their personal device.

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Aveo currently have an extensive list of industry leading brands pre-programmed into Mira Connects software, with new products being added constantly.

In order to connect the pre-programmed equipment to your Mira Connect device, simply select the product in Mira Portal, insert its IP address and your connected.

Some of the top brands which Aveo have added to the Mira Connects portfolio include: Biamp, Polycom, Cisco, Panasonic, QSC, Samsung and much more!

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