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USB enterprise class peripherals are a very significant addition to a conferencing or collaborative working environment. PC based conferencing and lecture capture applications offer flexibility and economic advantages, but it is important that the audio and video accessories are up to the job.

Angekis helped pioneer the USB PTZ camera market with one of the first USB video conference cameras back in 2011. Since then, they have developed their range of USB-enabled cameras so that there is a solution for almost all applications.

All Angekis’ products are plug-and-play meaning no drivers, just plug your device direct to your PC and connect straight to all UC soft clients.

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The ASP-04 is are wireless USB speakerphones that utilise a folding SMA antenna to connect wirelessly to your PC, allowing you to place the device anywhere in the room. 360-degree pick-up, along with digital audio processing, echo cancellation and noise reduction guarantees top-quality audio, wherever you place it in the room.

In larger rooms where a single ASP-04 isn't enough, you can daisy chain 2 of the devices together to create a greater pick-up area and utilise the wireless functionality in larger spaces.

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Angekis ASP-04 USB Speakerphones


The Angekis ClearTalk ASP-05 is a conference phone for small size meeting rooms and huddle spaces with up to 6 participants. The ASP-05 connects via USB 2.0 to your PC and provides excellent 360-degree coverage due to its echo cancellation and dynamic noise reduction.

These USB speakerphones are completely plug and play with no drivers needed, simply connect them to your PC and you're ready to go. The ASP-05 is also compatible with all UC soft clients including Zoom, Skype and Teams.

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ASP-05 USB Speakerphones


The ASP-10 is Angekis' latest addition to its speakerphone range. Designed for professional video conferencing in medium to large meeting rooms, the ASP-10 has a 5-metre pickup radius and covers 360-degrees. Simple plug and play via USB means only one cable is needed for installation and with no drivers needed, you can begin conferencing right away.

The ASP-10's main party piece is its ability to be muted and unmuted using hand gestures. Simply swipe your hand over the top of the device and the mics will be either live or muted.

When you daisy chain two of the ASP-10 speakerphones together, they become wireless units that can provide audio in even the largest of meeting rooms. The speakerphones connect seamlessly to your laptop or PC via a 2.4G USB antenna, and removes the need for any cabling to be installed.

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Angekis ASP-10 USB Speakerphones