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USB enterprise class peripherals are a very significant addition to a conferencing or collaborative working environment. PC-based conferencing and lecture capture applications offer flexibility and economic advantages, but it is important that the audio and video accessories are up to the job.

Angekis helped pioneer the USB PTZ camera market with one of the first USB video conference cameras back in 2011. Since then, they have developed their range of USB-enabled cameras so that there is a solution for almost all applications.

All Angekis’ products are plug-and-play meaning no drivers, just plug your device direct to your PC and connect straight to all UC soft clients.

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Angekis' Saber Plus is a Full-HD PTZ USB camera equipped with simultaneous USB 3.0, HDMI, SDI and IP outputs. Its 72.5-degree HFOV allows for wide-angle pick-up of rooms, whilst its 12x optical zoom means it is ideal in large conference rooms, lecture halls and house of worship applications.

Take control of the Saber Plus however suits you best due to its multitude of control options, including: VISCA via RS-232, UVC control, Angekis' desktop app or with its IR remote.

Utilising a Sony UHD CMOS image sensor with low light abilities, the Saber Plus guarantees best in class image quality in both light and dimmed environments.

A Line In model of the Saber Plus is available for integration of a rooms audio when streaming over IP.

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Angekis Saber Plus


The twin brother of the Saber Plus, but with a couple of important differences. The Angekis Saber IP20X is designed for use in larger environments where the camera is going to be placed further away from the target. Its 20x optical zoom means you can either get a closer shot of the individual talking, or you can place the camera further away. Due to its increased field-of-view over the Saber Plus, the IP20X features a reduced 60-degree HFOV, further enhancing its reason to be used in larger environments.

A Line In model of the Saber IP20X is available for integration of a rooms audio when streaming over IP.

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Angekis Saber IP20X


A combination of the award-winning Saber Plus and the cost-effective USB 2.0 Blade VS. The newest addition to the Angekis Saber range, the Saber U2 sits nicely in the market between the two previously mentioned cameras. Featuring the field of view (72.5-degrees) and optical zoom (12x) of the Saber Plus and the connections (USB 2.0 and RS-232) of the Blade VS, the Saber U2 is the perfect solution for video conferencing applications in medium to large-sized rooms.

Despite its cost-effective nature, the Saber U2 offers the same video output as the excellent Saber Plus. Full-HD 1080P/60 quality from its CMOS image sensor won't go unappreciated in even the highest of corporate applications. RS-232 control allows for connection to third-party control systems and joystick controllers, plus with an IR remote and Angekis' NECC desktop app, there's numerous of ways to manage the camera.

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Angekis Saber Light


For people wanting the same format of Angekis' Saber Plus but with a slightly higher image resolution, there's the Saber 4K. Again featuring a 12x optical zoom and 72.5-degree HFOV, Angekis' Saber 4K offers 2160P/30 image resolutions over its HDMI and IP outputs, alongside 1080P/60 over SDI and USB 3.0.

A Line In model of the Saber 4K is available for integration of a rooms audio when streaming over IP.


Angekis Saber 4K White