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USB enterprise class peripherals are a very significant addition to a conferencing or collaborative working environment. PC based conferencing and lecture capture applications offer flexibility and economic advantages, but it is important that the audio and video accessories are up to the job.

Angekis helped pioneer the USB PTZ camera market with one of the first USB video conference cameras back in 2011. Since then, they have developed their range of USB-enabled cameras so that there is a solution for almost all applications.

All Angekis’ products are plug-and-play meaning no drivers, just plug your device direct to your PC and connect straight to all UC soft clients.

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Solutions for video conferencing, live streaming, recording, image magnification and broadcasting, all from one camera range. Since its introduction into USB cameras back in 2011, Angekis has developed the Saber range to cover almost all video applications, in addition to incorporating some audio too.

A selection of video outputs, HFOVs, optical zoom and image resolutions makes it easy for you to figure out which Saber camera is ideal for your application. Each of the models feature a high-quality CMOS sensor, ensuring excellent visuals in all scenarios. Plus, its extremely low lux makes them ideal for capturing video in dimmed environments.

Now available in White, as well as its timeless Silver and Black.

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Angekis Saber USB Cameras


All-in-one videoconferencing with Angekis' One Touch. Incorporating an AI powered 4K camera, beamforming microphone array with AEC and loudspeakers, One Touch is designed to add premium audio and video performance to huddle rooms and other distance conferencing applications.

A 4K image sensor on the One Touch is paired with ground-breaking optics, that gives a wide 120-degree FOV without fisheye or image distortion. AI powered Group Auto-Framing recognises meeting participants automatically and adjusts its zoom to make sure that everyone is in frame.

'Best-in-Class' audio is achieved due to One Touch's collection of embedded audio technology including AEC, dynamic noise reduction and DSP audio processing. The four-element beamforming mic array has a 5m pickup range and is designed to target the individual speaking whilst reducing background noise.

USB-C connectivity allows for simple integration to devices running Windows, macOS, Linux and Android operating systems, providing compatibility with virtually all soft codecs and perfect for BYOD environments.

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Angekis One Touch


Whereas the Saber cameras provide solutions for a multitude of applications, the Blade cameras are specifically designed for video conferencing. USB 2.0 and 3.0 models are available with one even offering 4K image resolution over its USB 3.0 output.

Unique features like Dynamic Start-Up on the Blades makes them extremely quick to setup before a meeting. Plus, its Zoom Rooms controller support allows you to integrate the camera within a Zoom system much easier.

Contrasting FOVs and optical zoom between the Blade VS and Blade 4K, means users can pick which one suits their application best.

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Angekis Blade VS USB Cameras


NDI is revolutionising live streaming by supporting high quality and low latency video over standard ethernet connections. With the Angekis range of Saber NDI cameras, you can output multiple video streams on a shared connection via NDI and seamlessly connect with all other NDI hardware.

There are 3 models of Saber NDI cameras; the Saber Plus NDI, Saber IP20x NDI and Saber 4K NDI. Each of these cameras embodies the original Saber Plus, IP20x and 4K, however; they have the NDI protocol added to them.

The NDI range is perfect for all streaming requirements, from classrooms, auditoriums and House of Worship to TV and high-end broadcasting.

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Angekis Saber White USB Cameras


If the options above weren't enough, Angekis also offer an automated camera tracking solution. Based around their award winning Saber Plus camera, Angekis have paired it up with an Intel NUC, pre-installed with Perfect Track's auto tracking software.

Unlike the majority of other automated camera tracking solutions on the market, the Saber AutoPilot doesn't require the presenter/instructor to wear any form of tracking beacon. Instead, the device utilises facial, shape and motion tracking to accurately follow an individual around the room.

The Saber simply connects to the Intel NUC via USB and RS-232, and the software uses advanced image processing to recognise individual's in the Saber's video stream.

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Angekis Saber AutoPilot USB Cameras