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USB enterprise class peripherals are a very significant addition to a conferencing or collaborative working environment. PC based conferencing and lecture capture applications offer flexibility and economic advantages, but it is important that the audio and video accessories are up to the job.

Angekis helped pioneer the USB PTZ camera market with one of the first USB video conference cameras back in 2011. Since then, they have developed their range of USB-enabled cameras so that there is a solution for almost all applications.

All Angekis’ products are plug-and-play meaning no drivers, just plug your device direct to your PC and connect straight to all UC soft clients.

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AccuScan is a temperature checking solution with AI and facial recognition. Made up of a tablet and a camera, this temperature checking device is accurate to +/- 0.2C, can process up to 30 people per minute and has a temperature detection distance of 0.3 - 0.5 metres.

The device can be used in two modes, Quick Scan mode which records the face and scans the temperature for fast moving channels, or Face Detection which detects and matches a face to the records and logs the temperature taken. If using the Face Detection mode, you can support up to 20,000 people offline.

No human control is needed with the AccuScan as the device can automatically control entry and non entry of personnel. Flexible installation is available with AccuScan, as its been designed to be mounted on walls, floors, desks and gates.

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Angekis AccuScan Temperature Checking