Media Distribution

Aavara AV over IP

Traditional AV matrix switchers are dedicated, usually set configurations that can be time consuming and costly for installation. Aavara’s AV over IP product eliminate these issues.

By using individual boxes for sending and receiving media, you are able to easily design a system for just the number of inputs and outputs you need. Expansion is simple as well, simply buy the inputs/outputs you require.

Aavara’s range supports both HD and UHD (4K) video distribution, using a 1GB network infrastructure. Its models support super video quality at low latencies, along with HD KVM and PoE, in-built web based control, 3rd party controller drivers and more!

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4K Over IP

Large corporations and businesses are always wanting the best and right now, 4K video is as good as it gets. For 4K AV over IP, Aavara offer the PB9000 encoders and decoders. By using these boxes, you are removing the need to use traditional matrix switches which, for a lot of projects, can cause problems with flexibility, scalability and ease of install.

The PB9000 fully meets the high demand of Commercial, Residential and Hospitality applications, due to them providing easy installation, the ability to easily scale in the future and their videowall capabilities. The PB9000's also support integration with major controllers such as: Control4, Crestron and AMX for control over all your devices.

  • AV Master Web Control Interface
  • Independent Matrix Routing for Video, Audio, IR, RS232 and USB
  • Seamless KVM Switching
  • USB 2.0 Pass-Thru
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PB9000 AV over IP


For installations where 4K video distribution isn't imperative, but a Full-HD HDMI over IP solution is, Aavara have the PB5000. These PoE encoders and decoders can support point to point, point to many broadcasting and multi-casting, in addition to supporting videowall function for max 8x16 displays.

  • 3rd Party Controller Integration
  • IR Control Pass-Thru for Control from Display Side
  • Easy Dip Switching Matching
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Aavara PB5000


In video distribution solutions such as control rooms, the ability to control your mouse and keyboard across multiple screens and PC's is important. Using the PB9000 and PB7000 devices, users are able to seamlessly move their curser from PC to PC and screen to screen without switching video channel.

The PB7000's offer 1080P video distribution over IP, similar to the PB5000, however they have the added feature of keyboard and mouse roaming. Support of 3rd party control systems again allow for easy control of your devices, along with a built-in web interface for easy central AV switching control.

  • PoE Supported
  • VGA Out on Receiver for Video Pass-Thru
  • Analog Audio In/Out
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