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UHD media distribution using the core corporate network infrastructure

ZeeVee is changing the way AV looks at media distribution. The Zyper4K product range from ZeeVee distributes uncompressed 4K ultra high definition video over a standard 10Gb switch and IP network. By using individual encoders and decoders the system is easy to configure, making system design and install simpler. There is no need to waste time and money on system redundancy and future growth requirements - it is simple, need another source buy an encoder, need another display buy another decoder. There is no compromise on quality either ZeeVee Zyper 4K distributes UHD media with zero compression and zero latency - what you put in is what you see at the other end, instantly.

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4K UHD video distribution using CATx core infrastructure

ZeeVee to introduce new products to the Zyper4K range, with the CATx products. Switch and distribute uncompressed Ultra-HD (4K) video, audio and control signals using standard 10Gb Ethernet switches and standard CATx infrastructure..... read more

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How does ZeeVee ZyPer4K video distribution system work?

Use standard IP infrastructure for AV distribution and make it work seamlessly alongside your existing copper or fibre network? Watch ZeeVee's Danny Barr explain how the Zyper4K system makes this happen..... watch it

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