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SpinetiX is an award winning Swiss manufacturer of digital signage products that was founded in 2006 by a team of entrepreneurs committed to engineering excellence.

SpinetiX believes that anyone, and any data, can contribute to create dynamic digital signage content. With open and flexible integration options, SpinetiX enables simple and dependable data-driven signage solutions.

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Use excel spreadsheet data within digital signage

See how easy it is to implement Excel spreadsheets into your digital signage content using Elementi. It can be the perfect way to display bookings, events, meetings and just about any other tabular-based data..... watch video


Produce professional and effective digital signage easily with SpinetiX content apps

SpinetiX has over 150 free widgets to simplify producing high quality digital signage content. Widgets for showing weather, RSS feeds, information from Excel, QR codes and many more..... read more

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