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Founded in 2003, Reach has focused on the lecture capture market for more than 12 years. Reach offers universities, training campuses and K-12 schools the most effective, easy-to use solutions for lecture capture, training recording, event recording, webcasting and more.

Reach provides its customers with comprehensive solutions and excellent products related to multimedia recording and streaming systems which are widely used in the fields of Education, Healthcare, Training and Digital Media.

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AV over IP - The Ultimate Solution

The Reach REX server can now allow your organisation to finally realise multimedia application due to it combining the audio, video and presentation graphics all together. Perfect for meeting rooms, classrooms, command centres and churches because of its ability to present both live and pre-recorded footage on any PC or TV..... read more

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BEE 3 mobile recording device from Reach

Featuring 2 HD HDMI inputs that allow a composite image to be recorded, the portable BEE3 has an intuitive touch screen interface for easy operation. The BEE3 can record to an embedded hard drive or to an externally connected USB drive, giving instant access to the MPEG4 recording..... read more

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