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Founded in 2004, Phoenix Audio Technologies are an innovator of audio communication solutions. They believe that high quality audio should be easy to install and simple to use.

Phoenix offers a full range of audio solutions; from the Duet, a personal speakerphone ideal for home office workers, to the Stingray, a DSP device that is an easy installation solution for integrated rooms and flexible large spaces.

All products have USB connectivity to be used with PC based conferencing solutions, this includes the Condor, a beamforming microphone array with built in DSP, that gives a clutter-free solution for conference rooms and meeting spaces.

Some products such as the Spider, a beamforming conference speakerphone, also have SIP, PSTN and analog options.

The Phoenix products enable people to communicate freely and naturally

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Clutter-free audio conferencing solutions

The Condor expansion kit from Phoenix Audio gives users a versatile audio conferencing solution for large collaboration spaces. The kit comes with two Condor beamforming microphone arrays that are wall mountable, giving a clutter-free space. It also provides the Stingray DSP, which requires no programming for an easy to install integrated solution.... read and watch here

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See what sets Phoenix Audio's Stingray apart from the traditional DSP

The only DSP mixer in the industry that requires no programming or certifications. The Stingray was pitted up against a traditional DSP to see which would come out on top when they compared their pre-installations, their set ups and their more

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