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ClockAudio was established in 1994 by a team of audio specialists with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative pro-audio products. The company’s reputation has been established on sound principles: its dedication to quality, service and innovation.

Consultants and contractors alike help to drive ClockAudio’s product development process resulting in innovative products that offer real life audio solutions. The ability to customize is just one of the many factors which makes Clockaudio clearly different.

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The Fundamentals of Dante - Every Days a School Day

Dante is a buzzword in the industry and people are asking for it more and more, but what exactly is it? See how Dante can benefit you in ClockAudio's latest blog and also, see which ClockAudio products use and work with more

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'Power-Hour' Meeting Room Created for Automation Arts

Automation Arts wanted to create a "Power-Hour" thinking tank for the key executives and producers. The room required top-notch videoconferencing capabilities and sound quality and ClockAudio were able to provide them with more

TIM-1000 InfoComm 2019 ClockAudio CS Series ClockAudio CRM S

InfoComm 2019 - TIM-1000 Overview

CS Series Installation Guide

CRM S Installation Guide

ClockAudio TIM Installation Guide ClockAudio TIM Setup Guide

TIM-1000 Installation Tutorial

TIM-1000 Set Up Tutorial

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