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Angekis - USB conferencing accessories

USB enterprise class peripherals are a very significant addition to a conferencing or collaborative working environment. PC based conferencing and lecture capture applications offer flexibility and economic advantages, but it is important that the audio and video accessories are up to the job.

Angekis has a range of cameras and audio accessories that are all USB plug and play, ideal for the latest bring your own device conferencing and huddle room environments.

The Angekis cameras cover a range of technical and pricing requirements. The low cost Curtana is ideal for the smaller room, it has an exceptional picture quality and wide field of view (110 degrees). The Blade and the Saber are both PTZ cameras, ideal for the medium and larger room. Ask for a demo - seeing is believing.

The Angekis speakerphone adds hi-fi sound quality, hands-free and 360 degrees microphone coverage to conferencing applications. The range offers stand-alone, daisy-chained multi unit and wireless models.

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Angekis latest news ISE rave award

Angekis wins Best New Videoconferencing Accessory at ISE2018

Beating all tracking camera models from across the world, Angekis recently won the prestigious ISE RAVE award in the category 'Best New Videoconferencing Accessory', beating stiff competition from other major brands..... watch here

Saber Light

A new addition to the Saber family...

Designed with a cables in 1 design, the Saber Light can transmit video, control and power via a single USB 3.0 cable. Ideal for medium/large meeting rooms as well as lecture halls and auditoriums, the Saber Light doesn't discard video quality with it boasting a 1080p/60fps video format..... read more

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