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Over the last few years AV over IP has been the talk of the industry, but what is it all about?

Traditional AV matrix switchers are dedicated, usually set configurations (i.e. 8x16, 32x32) that can be time consuming and costly for installation. Aavara AV over IP products elimanate all these issues.

Individual boxes for sending (encoders) and receiving (decoders) media make it easy to design a system for just the number of inputs and outputs you need, want to expand in the future just buy single inputs/outputs as required.

There also the benefits of using standard IP infrastructure and hardware; Cat5/6 cabling and standard 1Gb network switchers. Proven and readily available technology that we all use for data transfer.

The Aavara range has models for HD and UHD (4K) video using 1Gb network infrastructure. Video is of a superb quality with low latency. Available with HD KVM and PoE, in-built web based controller, 3rd party control drivers, videowall capability, the Aavara solution is a techinically and economically sound solution for AV distribution

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New features added to the PB9000 sender

Three new features have been added to the PB9000 sender with a standalone TOSlink to support up to Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 output, HDMI Pass-Through for local TV, monitor or AV Receiver connection and local USB2.0 Hub for KVM operation at the local and remote end........... read more

Aavara Successful Projects

Aavara 4K over IP successful projects

Check out Aavara's latest video on their successful projects involving 4K over IP. Using the PB9000 senders and receivers, Aavara have been able to complete high quality projects in Government Central Control Systems and world renowned banks...... watch here

PB9000 4K over IP PB9000 Successful Projects PB9000 ISE 2019

PB9000 - 4K Over IP Features

PB9000 - Successful Projects

ISE 2019 - PB9000 Overview

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