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Daisy Chainable Beamforming Speakerphones

11th November 2019

Forget about integrating a DSP into your medium to large meeting spaces by daisy chaining Phoenix Audio's Spider Speakerphone, saving you time on commissioning, installations and money. Find out more..........

'Zero' Programming Control System

21st October 2019

Aveo Systems' Mira Connect is packed with many great features, however; we've highlighted a few which we feel makes it stand out from the rest. Find out more..........

Huddle Room - Pick 'N' Mix

14th October 2019

In this age of videoconferencing, people are asking for their rooms to be clutter-free, wireless, all-in-one, ceiling mounted, plug & play, portable,'s an endless list, meaning that one solution won't work for ALL rooms. Find out more..........

Condor Webinar - 8th October

7th October 2019

Join us on the 8th October at 10AM for a webinar on Phoenix Audio's Beamforming Microphone Array, the Condor. Discover how the Condor is decluttering conference rooms, providing long-range voice pickup and integrating VOIP and USB all at fraction of the price of other pro audio solutions. Find out more........

Professional Microphone Systems from ClockAudio

23rd September 2019

ClockAudio are a developer of professional microphone systems, with vast experience in the design and manufacture of innovative audio products. Consultants and contractors alike have helped drive ClockAudio's product development process, resulting in innovative products that offer real life audio solutions. Find out more.........

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