Reach Your Audience With The Reach Bee8 and YouTube

If you have an event, presentation or lecture you want to record and/or stream, we have a solution for you!

15th May 2019

reach bee8

The Bee8 from Reach is an easy to use HD recording and streaming unit. It has three HD video inputs that can be combined in multiple ways during the recording. A simple to use IoS app allows the presenter to choose the layout they want, to focus attention on the most important part of the presentation, be that a camera feed or PowerPoint from a PC.

An audio inputs provides the means to record the presenter and any content audio alongside the video for a rich media recording.

The Bee8 can stream directly to YouTube, either during a recording or purely as a streaming device. Your audience can 'tune' into your YouTube channel and remotely watch the presentation, from anywhere in the world.

An inbuilt 1TB hard drive provides 80 hours of recording time at full HD, that's almost a weeks' worth! You can get the Bee8 to automatically send recording to a video storage server, so you will never have to worry about the Bee8 running out of recording space.

The Bee8 is easy to use as well. Simply press the 'record' button on the front panel, and it will start to record to the hard drive, and/or a USB driver plugged into it. When you have finished, press 'stop' and recording is available as a standard MP4 file in a few seconds. No waiting around for a cloud-based server to deliver the recording, you have it available immediately.

reach bee8 front and back

Reach Bee8 Front and Rear Panel

Interested In A More Portable Option?

reach bee3 plus

In addition to the Bee8, Reach also offers a smaller, portable younger brother to the Bee8, the Bee3 Plus. An all-in-one video production system, the Bee3 Plus is equipped with 2 HDMI inputs for simultaneously recording/streaming of two HDMI sources. Seamlessly switch between the 2 HDMI sources during recordings through the multiple layouts on the 10.1-inch touchscreen. Simples.

As well as capturing video, you can also capture audio through both its line and mic inputs. This meaning that you're able to capture both video and audio alongside each other for rich media recordings.

Once again, you can forget about waiting for cloud-based servers to send over your files, as the Bee3 Plus has an optional 1TB hard disk, along with a USB input for removable storage.

Take a minute (and 26 seconds) to see it working for yourself.

Check out our short video on how to stream direct to YouTube using the Reach Bee3 Plus. Its as simple as pressing a button.

If you would like any further information, or would like to see the product for yourself in person, please give us a call on 01904 720617 or email