The DSP of Today VS DSP of Yesterday

The Stingray from Phoenix Audio is the only DSP in the industry that requires no programming or certifications.

29th April 2019

How many hours have you spent programming and installing DSPs? On the flip side, how much money have you spent on paying someone to programme and install DSPs into your projects? I'm going to guess a lot! What if I told you that this could all change and that we could offer you a DSP which takes away all of this...sounds good? We thought so too.

*Disclaimer: If you do happen to enjoy spending hours programming DSPs, one of the other blogs may be more suited for you!

The DSP that I'm talking about, is the Stingray from Phoenix Audio Technologies, an all-in-one, rack-mountable DSP device that serves as an easy to install solution for integrated rooms. In comparison to the 'traditional' DSP, the Stingray can be up and running within 15 minutes of taking it out of the box!

Stingray DSP Front and Back

A Handful of its Many Standout Features:

When comparing the Stingray to many of the other DSP's in the industry, it has three main features which make it stand out from the rest...

Pre-Installation -

No certifications or special training is required to install the Stingray, literally anyone can do it. In comparison, a traditional DSP will require a certified installer or audio engineer to complete the installation.

Set Up -

Want to know how to set the Stingray up? Just plug it in! You can configure it to a mic or line input via the GUI or the front panel in less than 60 seconds. A traditional DSP on the other hand can take audio engineers hours, if not days of programming and testing to set up.

Versatility -

Either wall mount the Stingray or place the device in a credenza. No matter the room configuration, the Stingray can adapt and fit in any environment. Typically, once a traditional DSP is installed, it is very difficult to move it around and a installer would likely have to come back to move, re-installed and reconfigure the device.

Bottom Line -

The Stingray provides the highest-quality audio, at an affordable price and the best part programming, saving you time and hassle. On the other hand, your traditional DSP's are expensive, time-consuming and confusing.

If you have any questions regarding the Stingray, or would just like to know more information, please give us a call on 01904 720617 or email