Top 5 Reasons Why the Saber Camera is Perfect for Your Conference Room!

Looking for an alternative camera option for your conference rooms? Here's just 5 reasons why you should consider the Saber...

20th June 2019

angekis saber

The Angekis Saber Camera, for readers who do not know, is a USB3.0 Full HD PTZ camera, designed for rooms ranging from small meeting rooms, to conference rooms, all the way to auditorium spaces. Here, I will be covering just five reasons why the Saber camera is perfect for these spaces, enjoy...

1. I'm Plug and Play

If you've ever tried installing cameras into a company's laptop or PC, you'll likely have found (at least once) that you need to install custom drivers for the camera to work. This in itself, can open a big can of worms. Due to many businesses' security settings, company's PC's don't allow for external drivers to be installed, meaning that IT Technicians have to authorise them. This, however; isn't an issue for the Saber.

To combat the issues listed above, Angekis have pre-installed the necessary drivers into the Saber (and all other Angekis cameras for that matter), so that users simply just have to plug the camera into their PC, and away they go. Full HD fun, at the flick of a switch (insert of a cable didn't sound as good).

angekis saber camera

2. I Have A Minimalistic Feature Set

All cameras nowadays have to have 101 different features and accessories for them stand out from the crowd, but how about a camera which just did exactly what you wanted it to do? The Saber series consists of 6 different versions, all designed to fit a specific purpose, and only offer features relevant to the customer. For example, the Saber Light is a USB3.0, Full HD PTZ camera, with a 5x optical zoom and 90-degree FOV, perfect if you ask me, for a Zoom conference room!

Don't get me wrong, the minimalistic feature set by no means reduces the quality of the camera, or the ease in which you can use it, sometimes less can simply mean more!

3. Controls, Upon Controls, Upon Controls

Take control of the Saber camera in anyway you want. The highly responsive IR Remote allows users to Pan/Tilt the camera, Zoom In, and of course, Out, Focus the Camera, Set Positional Presets and so much more!

If the IR Remote isn't suitable for you, the Saber camera is equipped with both NECC (Near End Camera Control) and FECC (Far End Camera Control). A desktop app software allows for full control of the camera, in addition to access to the video settings. FECC is accessible through the USB 3.0 UVC on FECC codecs such as!

If that wasn't already enough, VISCA Control is also available on the Saber camera via the RS-232 output. This can allow you to connect the camera to an external camera control device, such as the Angekis Joystick Controller.

angekis saber outputs

4. Presets Here, Presets There

I can assume in most instances, the layout of a room will be very consistent, meaning that the camera will almost always be facing in the exact same direction. In some cases, the cameras default start up position is perfect for the room, however; this isn't very often. Thus, meaning that the users have to adjust the position of the camera every time they turn it on. If only there was a way to remove this?

Via the IR Remote, users are able to preset 10 start up positions for the Saber camera, meaning that at the press of a button, your camera can be in the desired position. This preset can include an adjusted Pan, Tilt and Zoom for shots of a whole table, a specific area of the room, or a close up of an individual's face.

If you want to remove the default start-up position all together and have your camera start-up in the desired position, check out Angekis' new Blade VS and Blade 4K, as they have been fitted with a new Dynamic Start-Up Feature!

5. Last, but certainly by no means least, $$$$

Or lack of for that matter. For the features that you get, the Saber camera sits comfortable below its competitors in the market, with a list price of £1,248 (other versions of the Saber series vary in price). This lowered price allows for a cheaper alternative to other big-name brands such as Panasonic, Sony and Polycom and you could argue, that the Saber offers a much better quality.

If you have any questions regarding the Angekis Saber, or are interested in seeing the camera first hand, please give us a call on 01904 720617 or email