4K/HD AV Point to Point and Matrix Switching Solution

Aavara's 4K video distribution solution, the PB9000, allows for video and audio point to point and matrix switching.

8th May 2019

aavara pb9000

If you want to send 4K and HD video and audio point to point in a building, or to send multiple signals to multiple locations, but DON'T want to run HDMI cables or extenders, the Aavara PB9000 series of AV over IP senders and receivers is for you. There is no need for a central management platform, you just need senders and receivers!

So, How Would It Work?

Instead of pulling specialist cables to send video and audio, you can use existing (or cheap to install) CAT5 cabling. This saves time and money by using your current cable infrastructure to create point to point or matrix switching of your video sources to multiple display destinations.

As an example, if you have a presentation you want to send to an overflow room/space, simply connect the source to a sender and connect it to CAT5 (or fibre) and connect the receiver at the other end. You can do this on an ad hoc basis across any piece of CAT5, meaning the resource can be used by different people.

If you want to send multiple sources to multiple places, then the PB9000 series can do that too! With the addition of a 1GB network switch, you can create an AV matrix switcher over your CAT5 cabling. Now sending the video from PCs in a server room to anywhere in the building, or switching multiple sources into a display is not a problem. You can start from 2 sources to 2 displays and expand as your requirements do.

All this is done using Aavara's proprietary video algorithm for superb picture quality and extremely low video latency.

aavara matrix switching

Other Benefits Include:

If you would like further information on the PB9000, or would be interested in a demonstration, please call us on 01904 720617 or email sales@tukans.com.