Capture Audio in your Lecture Theatre's

Teaching Area

Use Phoenix Audio's Condor to help improve your audio in lecture capture and education applications.

21st May 2019

 phoenix audio condor

Getting the audio right in lecture room environments can be difficult for a number of reasons (trust me we know!). For instance, if the microphone is located on the lecterns desk, how far can the lecturer move before the audio quality is affected? What happens if the lecturer doesn't want to wear or carry a microphone on them when they speak? Or finally, how do you prevent having to install multiple microphones, causing a larger expense...

Luckily for you, Tukans has the answer. Use a Condor Microphone Array from Phoenix Audio.

How would it work?

It's simple. The Condor would sit at the front of the seating area facing the whiteboard and lectern, and project an audio 'beam' across the entirety of the presentation space. This would mean that the lecturer, would be able to freely move around their space, and not worry about the quality of their audio being hampered.

"What if there's a lot of backround noise, will the Condor pick this up?". That's a great question. The Condor is equipped with noise cancelling technology, meaning that it is able to filter out ambient room noise such as air conditioning and the background noise of fidgeting students.

condor microphone array

So, what are the main features and benefits of the Condor?

Well, where to begin, the Condor is a Beamforming* Microphone Array with a built in DSP. Composed of 15 individual microphones, the Condor is perfectly suited for large collaboration spaces, such as the ones I'm describing, due to its 10-metre optimal pick up range.

*Beamforming - The ability to steer the directionality of the device's microphones. Beamforming improves noise and echo cancelling as well as the overally quality of the device's pickup. This feature works in conjunction with direction finding.

Its built-in DSP is one which takes a lot of people by surprise as traditionally, a microphone requires a seperate DSP for algorithms such as noise cancellation and automatic gain control. Not this microphone however, the Condor is equipped with a full suite of algorithms, including: Noise Cancelling, Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Automatic Gain Control plus more.

By deploying multiple directional audio beams, the device is able to cover an entire room/space. An additional short-range audio beam is deployed to pick up those standing close by. Its direction finding and beamforming technology allows the device to recognise the individual that is speaking, then steer the microphones in their direction for optimal pick up.

But wait, there's more...

Need more reassurance?

If everything listed above isn't enough, check out the audio quality of the Condor for yourself in this short video below. FYI its much better with the sound on!

If you have any questions regarding the Condor, or would like to get a demonstration on the product, please call us on 01904 720617 or email